About us

Hi and thanks for visiting Studio Door. In our collections you will see that we have plain or patterned cushions. Plain cushions are used to create a backdrop for the cushions that are perched proud in the front that we like to call feature cushions.

The cushion range was made in order to think of your couch and beds as a piece of art. You can strip it back to a blank canvas and create your own piece of art that’s flexible upon change at any time.

 Located in Victoria Studio Door is a unique business that sells products to allow you to dress areas of your home in a way you never have before. You can embellish your space and sanctuary into a place you feel at home.

Get the “know how” with beautifully chosen deigns so that you can arrange and choose cushions and accessories to dress your space by making it an everyday feature that you can change as often as you please.

We are spreading the word about how great our products are and easy to get as you can order online and the products will get posted to your door.

Our designs go through a process in order for them to end up in your home.

Firstly there is a very careful design process that has time spent on creating the correct colours, pattern and visual feeling. Secondly the designs must be put through a printing and drying process. Thirdly the products are made up into great looking soft furnishings for you and your home.

If you have any queries please contact me on the following – dellecoops@hotmail.com



New to studio Door are our famous leggings. You can have any of the designs available but now we are designing costume leggings for you. Have a special function and you have no idea what to wear, select a pair or get us to design them for you (extra charges apply) us us today for a quote.